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wechat official accounts

01. Corporate WeChat Official Accounts

WeChat Official Accounts are the equivalent to Facebook pages where companies interact with their users and offer their products on line. There are over 20 million accounts registered. 

The Official Accounts pop un in the users chat, as if it was one more Whatsapp conversation, plus the added feature of buttons with direct access to different sections of the page and the possibility of sending push notifications to users or to communicate with them through a natural chat conversation.

This feature allows companies to keep the link with Chinese clients after their trip is over and even opening the possibility to keep on selling them products or services after their holidays.

Share Articles periodically which will pop up as one more Chat conversation.

Improve clients Loyalty

Guide clients to your Online shop and boost your sales.

WeChat ads

02. Advertising in Moments

Moments are the equivalent to Facebook Wall, where users post their pictures, videos and comments to share with their contacts.

Among each user’s Moments and thanks to WeChat ads,  companies may include targeted adevertising according to location, gender and age.

times per day

number of times average user opens their moments

minutes per session

time dedicated to moments

03. Miniprograms

Miniprograms are light apps running in the cloud and within WeChat environment. There are over 1 million Miniprograms in the market.

Users may download miniprograms directly from WeChat Official Accounts or share them among friends. These small apps can have as many functions as a normal smartphone app. Miniprograms cover a wide range of uses, from ordering a taxi to sharing a viral promotion among friends.

Its geolocation capabilities turn miniprograms into powerful tools for marketing campaigns. They also facilitate users registration and payments by asking data directly to WeChat with just one clic.


daily users

of miniprograms


per session

1 %
of users

open miniprograms between

4 and 12 times per day

points & data

04. Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards are stored in WeChat Wallet. With them, users may accumulate points from shops of the same group and keep track of purchases made, as well as spending their points in exchange for discounts or gifts which can be shared among friends.

05. Discount

One last highly appreciated feature by Chinese tourists are Discount Coupons.

Discount coupons may be found in Official Accounts or received as a gift after purchasing a product. They can also be shared among friends.

Imagine each time Chinese tourists purchase something, they can send a discount coupon to their friends to be used in the same location.

central control panel

Total control

Merchants have complete control of their accounts through StarPay’s Central Control Panel.

From the Control Panel, merchants may see accounts, due payments, manage refunds, interact with statistics, visualize different data in graphs and have a complete view of their account status.

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