Frequent Asked Questions

about wechat

With more than 1,100 active monthly user accounts in the 3rd quarter of 2018, WeChat has become one of the world’s most important mobile products. From its beginnings as a chat application, WeChat has grown to become a reference platform for connecting people, services and businesses in China and across the world.

Official WeChat accounts are a service launched for businesses, organisations, universities, governments, media and celebrities. Official accounts can be used to promote brands to hundreds of millions of users. For businesses, an official WeChat account has become an essential means to engage customers and to offer them all that is available in the web page, including on line sales.

about wechat PAY

WeChat Pay is a payment service integrated into the WeChat application, allowing users to make payments quickly using their mobile phones. WeChat Pay uses 3 different ways for merchants to connect. Quick Pay, QR codes online or In App. Three options that, combined with official WeChat accounts, Mini-Programs and WeChat Pay, extend and optimise the offline consumer experience, providing professional internet solutions for bricks and mortar retailers. It’s the optimum mobile payment system.

WeChat Pay integrates completely with the merchant, with three bespoke solutions that allow merchants to adopt to different usage cases :

  • Quick Pay, via QR code reader that Star Pay provides, the device scans a QR code on the user’s mobile phone.
  • QR online, where the merchant generates a QR code unique to each product and displays it on the website.
  • In App, integrated with existing apps to provide payment functionality.

The number of Chinese tourists visiting Europe is constantly increasing. When a Chinese tourist buys an item from a store, the WeChat Pay platform ensures that the currency is automatically converted and charged to them in their home currency (Renminbi, or Yuan), allowing the buyer the confidence of knowing how much he/she will be charged. That amount will be deducted from the user’s account once they confirm the transaction. As soon as the transaction is completed, the user will have the option of following the official account, so increasing the engagement and permitting further purchases in the future, even after the user has returned to China. They can also recommend it to friends, take advantage of promotion coupons, and so on.

How the system works

WeChat Pay is operational in 49 countries and is compatible with the major traded currencies, including amongst others Euros, Hong Kong dollars, US dollars, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, UK Sterling, New Zealand dollar, South Korean Won … WeChat Pay has local banking agreements and offers highly competitive exchange rates. For non supported currencies, settlement takes place in Euros or US dollars.

WeChat cross border payments uses the settlement banks exchange rates (China Construction Bank or China Citic Bank). When a client purchases in Euros, the prevailing exchange rate is used to convert the amount to CNY. The client can see the price on screen in EUR and CNY. Once the user confirms the transaction, the corresponding CNY amount is deducted from their balance.

Once the payment has taken place the amount the user has spent is assigned to the clearing bank for payment. This is then transferred to a local licensed bank or payment provider for deposit into the merchant’s account.

They are transferred from the local bank or payment provider into the merchant’s bank account.

The merchant receives the monies 3 days after the transaction has taken place, or weekly if the amount is below €1,000.

The merchant can manage returns and refunds via their StarPay account page on the web.

Yes. Via the In App facility, you can incorporate the WeChat Pay API into your platform. This is useful for larger business that already have complex payment systems in place.

No. You can use any existing account to receive funds.

Once the forms are filled in, usually between 24 and 48 hours.

Where a TPV is required, it can be purchased outright or by leasing

Starpay offers the creation, maintenance and updating of official WeChat accounts

There are four ways to do this : Official account, Mini-Programs, Publicity and loyalty cards.

The merchant has complete information and control over all aspects of their WeChat account via the online control panel. Via this panel, the merchant can verify successful transactions, pending transactions, refunds, stats and charts to gain both perspective and detail of all activity.

Starpay operates payments via “Easy Payment”, which is registered with the Bank of Spain.

WeChat Pay is part of the TenCent group, one of the world’s biggest companies, that works only with established banks and businesses. Any European merchant that works with WeChat Pay has the knowledge that only when the transaction is confirmed from WeChat can the purchased goods be released. At that same moment, the funds are already blocked from the user’s account and being transferred to the Chinese clearing bank.